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What Fish Can I Eat While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

  Pregnant women often ask about foods that should be avoided during pregnancy and the most common foods that are of concern are fish and shellfish. The FDA and EPA has just released new guidelines on the subject that help answer many of the questions and clarify what fish should

Vitamin D and Expectant Mothers

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD Do I Really Need This Much Vitamin D? If you are among the expectant mothers in our practice, you may have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after your initial routine obstetrical labs returned and may be receiving or have received what must seem like a whopping

Zika and Your Pregenancy

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD I killed three mosquitoes in my house this week.  Three!  Apparently, no one has informed the mosquito population of North Texas that Christmas is in a couple of weeks and they should be dead and gone by now.  With a warm fall and no hard freeze so

How Becoming a Patient Has Made Me a Better Provider

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD I have been providing obstetrical care to patients for eight years but only recently became a parent myself.  My husband and I welcomed the birth of our son last month, and the journey of planning to conceive, our pregnancy, and the ultimate delivery of our baby was

Over The Counter (OTC) Supplements in Pregnancy

All too often pregnant women who believe in “All Natural” supplements are coming to the office taking a slew of OTC supplements along with their “Natural” prenatal vitamins.  Too name a few, excessive Vitamin C & E, Cranberry Extract, Lecithin, Red Raspberry Leaf, Evening Primrose Oil etc.  Do not be

Do I need a pap smear every year?

Written by: Tara Kraf, WHNP According to new guidelines most women do not need to have a yearly pap smear any more. If you are healthy and have not had an abnormal pap smear in the past you can have you pap smear done every three years in your twenties

Tdap – Pertussis

In a country that has a universal immunization program one would expect to seldom see a case of pertussis, but over the past decade the incidence of pertussis (whooping cough) has been on the rise in the United States. Several reasons are thought to contribute to this rise in whooping

Improve Your Fertility Without Medicine

Written by: Tara Kraf, WHNP Often by the time women come in for infertility issues they have tried for some time to conceive and are looking for medical options, but the first steps that need to be taken are simple and should be done prior to seeking medical management. As

Colposcopy Instruments

Written by: Tara Kraf, WHNP Many women each year have an abnormal pap smear that requires follow up. In most cases a colposcopy is recommended. This is a diagnostic procedure in which the provider gets an enhanced look at the cervix using illumination and magnification and takes a biopsy of

Four Ways to Have a Great Birth

Birth is one of those things that you can’t really control and it is a bit different for everyone. However, there are a few simple things you can do to help tip the odds in your favor of having a healthy and happy birth. 1. Pick a great care provider.