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Our Friendly OBGYN staff at Frisco Women’s Health is dedicated to giving you the finest experience in Texas. We believe that when you visit your doctor you should feel welcomed and treated as the great person that you are not just another patient. We take pride in building a sincerely personal and caring OBGYN practice and all of our staff has been chosen for sharing that vision. We hope you have the most pleasant experience possible when visiting our office. If we don’t meet that standard please let us know where we fell short so that we may address your concerns. Yours in health, the Staff of Frisco Women’s Health.

Office Manager Dottie WilsonOffice Manager – Dottie Wilson

Dottie Wilson is the dynamic office manager that keeps things running smooth at Frisco Women’s Health. “Without Dottie our office could not provide the level of customer service our patients have come to expect”, says Dr. Weinstein. “She is always upbeat and goes out of her way to make sure each patient’s needs are met.” Dottie has years of experience in administration as an office manager for a physical therapy clinic and as a billing assistant for a behavioral health practice. She and her husband Jason have four beautiful children. We are delighted to have her as member of Frisco Women’s Health.

Medical Assistant - Nydia ArriagaMedical Assistant – Nydia Arriaga

Nydia is a native to the DFW area, having grown up in Dallas and graduated from Woodrow Wilson and has a certification of applied science in Medical Assistance. She worked in the medical field for three years, before joining Dr. Weinstein as his assistant in January 2009.

She enjoys the ambiance in Frisco and the comfort new and established patients feel when they become associated with Dr. Weinstein and Baylor Medical Center at Frisco.

Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family watching football games, shopping and horse back riding. She and her husband Luis have three beautiful daughters, Lynelle, Alessandra, and Brielle.

“Without Nydia I would be lost”, says Dr. Weinstein, “she manages to keep track of all the important lab test, radiology studies, requested medical records and referrals.It is also great to have someone in the office who speaks Spanish.”

About My Office Staff

“My office staff is amazing; they are kind, compassionate, are all mothers themselves and are very diligent people. You will never get voicemail when calling the office during office hours, always a warm friendly person. We have an incredible medical record system that will notify you by phone, text, or email of all the tests done through our office. You may view and print your results through our online patient portal. There will never be a situation where we would tell you “all your labs are normal” without you having access to the results yourself. This ensures no test results are ever missed. Messages are attached to each individual result so you will know if you are required to get extra testing done or if medication is waiting at the pharmacy for pick up. We prefer to be contacted through the patient portal as it avoids phone tag. You will receive an automated reminder of all your visits and have the opportunity to reschedule via live operator at the time of your reminder call.”

-Dr. Jonathan Weinstein