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Responds Quickly

Dr. Weinstein and his staff were professional and personable from start to finish!!!! They were able to work us in quickly and effeciently brought themselves up to speed with my medical history prior to my visit and were prepared with plan of action upon arrival!!! Dr. Weinstein is very informative and truly gives you the entire picture to make informed decisions–in other words partnering with you to make decisions best for you!!! I recieved all of my test results within the week on the patient portal where I could see the results and also had messages from my doctors that translated them!! I can email the staff with questions and get responses quickly. When results are posted they even send alerts to your email until you go view them!!! OUT STANDING service, knowledge, expertise!!! Going off to College with peace of mind and confidence!



Tessa Testimonial

I loved my entire experience with Dr. Weinstein and his staff. The best thing was that he meets with you in his office before your exam. He listened to my problems and addressed them on the spot! He was a little late getting to my appointment but ONLY because he was taking care of another patient that had a pregnancy problem..and how good to know that he would do that if it was ever me! I also loved the location, right of the tollway and first office in the door! Very convenient. They also have a cool computer portal where you can email the doctor anytime.



Caring, Friendly, and Comforting

I was referred to Dr. Weinstein through Baylor, Frisco Urgent Care. Dr. Weinstein’s staff got me an appt. for the very next day. Dr. Weinstein sat down with me and talked to me before we started the examination. Within a week I had a procedure, in his office, and the results back. The staff is the most caring, friendly, and comforting group I have come across in my many years of life. Their patient portal at Frisco Womens Health is awesome. It allows you to keep track of your health records, medications, appts., etc… if you submit an inquiry, someone gets back to you within twenty-four hours.



Very Professional and Personable

Dr. Weinstein and his staff (Dottie, Kamry and Nydia) are very professional and personable people. My husband and I just love them! They are the first medical team that we have experienced a “welcome to our family” feeling. Starting with the front line (Dottie and Kamry), they work well together in assisting with my appointments, questions and my insurance. I had a DiVinci Hysterectomy on July 25th, 2011 and from the pre to the post of my surgery I felt like an Angel! and so did my husband…They walked us step by step on what was going to take place and made us feel confident and secure that everything will be alright. My recovery was Great and I was back to work within 2 weeks! I Highly recommend Dr. Weinstein and his team to anyone out there looking for OB/GYN services. Their automated services is Awesome! it reminds you of your appointments as well as provide you with any test results. They also have a online patiet portal for you to obtain the same information plus more (medications, shot records, etc.) as well as ask questions to Dr. Weinstein and his staff. All I can say is my husband and I are “Happy Campers” with Dr. Weinstein and his Team! To Dr. Weinstein and team, God Bless you and keep up the good work!

-Thank you, D.B.W.

Truly VBAC Supportive

I moved to Rowlett after having a c/s and 3 VBACs in another state. I have heard very negative things about the ridiculously high C-section rate and abysmally low VBAC rate in the Dallas area. So when I found out we were expecting again I hunted to find an OB that was truly VBAC supportive. Even with three successful VBACs, most OB offices when I contacted them were very negative about doing a VBAC. I google’d and came across Dr. Weinstein’s blog and an article there about VBAC. I knew then that he was the OB I wanted to use for this pregnancy. It was a 45 minute drive each way to get to his office, and it was well worth it. I did end up with a repeat C-section at 41 weeks (baby was stubbornly oblique). However, I know that I was given the best possible chance to VBAC and I have no regrets. I don’t believe I could say that with another provider who was not as supportive of VBAC’s. I also know that Dr. Weinstein was as sad for me to not VBAC as I was.



Blessed to have found Dr. Weinstein

I must say, I feel so Blessed to have found Dr. Weinstein. For years I flew back to my home town to see my OB/Gyn because I was certain that I would never find a Doctor as good as the one I had. Well, two years ago I thought that I would try a local Doctor, which much to my surprise turned out to be a complete dissappointment. I prayed about it, asked God for wisdom and searched for a new Doctor which led me to Frisco Womens Health with Dr. Weinstein. That was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. There is no question that Dr. Weinstein is a family man. Dr. Weinstein and his staff, Dottie, Nydia, Kamry are very professional, friendly, attentive, detailed and prompt in responding to my needs. I have never called the office and wished that I had’nt, because they are always so responsive and have a genuine care and concern just like Dr. Weinstein. From the first time I walked into the office there was a sense of ease and comfort in knowing that my problem would be resolved. Dr. Weinstein took the time to listen, discussed all of my options with me and partnered with me to make the best decision for me. He addressed all of my concerns in detail and took the necessary steps through process of elimination and performing the necessary tests to get to the root of my problems. He is by far the most compassionate, caring, detail oriented and thorough Doctor that I have had. He calls you and explains things to you, he has even spoken to my husband on the telephone and explained things to him and the patient portal is wonderful, what an outstanding form of direct communication with the Doctor. Not to mention that the office has easy access, located right at Baylor, Frisco and I never have a problem with parking. I would highly recommend Dr. Weinstein to everyone that I know!



Incredibly Knowledgeable and Clear

I’m not sure where to begin singing the praises of the amazing Dr. Weinstein! From the first visit he was incredibly knowledgeable and clear. When I told him I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) not only did he not tell me no, like 2 other docs had…he began explaining a plan, risks and benefits, statistics and more. He couldn’t promise anything, but we would try. As the pregnancy progressed, he managed my chronic high blood pressure, polyhydramnios (extra amniotic fluid), turned the baby from breech to head down with an external cephalic version, all the while keeping a close eye on baby and I since I had had 2 previous C-sections. I was not exactly a model patient with all these issues. At so many points he could have told me to just have a c section, but he knew how important VBAC was to me, he never gave up on my crazy dream of wanting to deliver my baby vaginally.

On Saturday I delivered with Dr. Weinstein during the most amazing, wonderful, perfect vaginal birth ever!!! And my baby was a whopping 11lbs 2 oz. Yes, eleven!

Dr. Weinstein has a great sense of humor and sarcasm that I appreciated so much. He always listened and heard what I had to say, and responded with real answers, not always what I wanted to hear, but realistic. We developed a great rapport during the last 10 months and I’m kind of sad I won’t get to chat with him every week anymore!

I also have to mention, I am a former OB nurse. I’ve met a ton of OB docs in my career and Dr. Weinstein is special in so many ways. He still believes in letting your body do its thing. He is willing to go the extra mile–like turning a breech baby, allowing VBACs even after more than 1 c section, and even vaginally birthing twins. Because he knew I was a nurse, he sometimes told me about interesting cases he’d worked on over the years, and his experiences were amazing and inspiring! He’s done it all, but he always puts mom and baby’s safety first, of course!

The staff in the office was always cheerful and helpful and I LOVED that I almost never had to wait! It was rare to not go right back.

Even if I hadn’t gotten the VBAC, I would still be talking about how wonderful Dr. Weinstein is! The VBAC was a bonus! Maybe I should have another baby just so we can do something amazing together again?!?!

– Jill C. Irving, TX

- Jill C. Irving, TX

Forever Grateful

Thank you so much to you and all your wonderful staff for making being first time parents not so scary. You have a great team. It’s amazing how caring and nice they are all the time. We love them all. Thanks to you for always being there for us during pregnancy and specially during delivery, even though it was a weekend. We are glad and very happy to have chosen you!

Forever Grateful,

-Brigeetee, Mark and baby Clara

We really feel like family with this team.

My hubby and I absolutely love this practice! We will only deliver with this doctor and his staff. We were always taken extra special care of and always treated fantastic. We really feel like family with this team.


Thank you for your patient information on C/S

I am a grateful, long term L&D nurse. I don’t know or work with Dr. Weinstein, however, I admire him for the patient information on C/S. It takes great conviction and I am guessing he won’t be picked by his physician peers as a “Dallas Top Doc”.