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Changing the way you feel about surgery. The da Vinci Robotic system minimizes blood loss, scarring, as well as healing time… (more)

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Welcome To Frisco Women’s Health

A note from Dr. Weinstein

Frisco Women’s Health is the culmination of over 17 years’ experience in private group practice. Although I enjoyed group practice from a lifestyle perspective, I missed getting to know my patients and I do not like to miss deliveries.

By seeing fewer patients over a longer appointment time I have the opportunity to listen and address your concerns. This is not an office geared toward doing a PAP and pelvic exam with minimal physician-patient interaction. At the end of each visit I want you to know how much I enjoy my work and that I care about your health.

Our practice is focused around two concepts, education and providing options. When you have an appointment you are guaranteed two things. First, you will be educated about your problems and second, you will be given options. Each new patient has a one-on-one consultation in the privacy of my office. I like to discuss preventive health measures like vaccinations, bone density studies, routine mammograms and always order a general health laboratory screening panel to look for anemia, Vitamin D and other nutritional deficiencies, diabetes and a variety of common cancers.

Natural Child Birth Classes

Visit Great Expectations for dates, times and more information about Natural Childbirth Classes, conveniently held in our office.


Happy Patients

I’m not sure where to begin singing the praises of the amazing Dr. Weinstein! From the first visit he was incredibly knowledgeable and clear. When I told him I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)…

Incredibly Knowledgeable and Clear, Jill C.

Frisco OB-GYN Dr. Weinstein’s new office at 5680 Frisco Square Blvd Suite 2700 Frisco, TX 75034. Our personalized and caring approach is evident from the moment you walk into Frisco Women’s Health until the moment you leave.