How to Give Birth Naturally Without Pain

Opting for natural childbirth is a huge decision that requires a well thought out birth plan and a good support system. If you and your OB GYN have determined that you are a good candidate for natural childbirth, you may already have started learning about pain management techniques from your practitioner. However, even if pain is expected, many moms-to-be are asking this question: Is it possible to give birth naturally without pain?

Pain is inevitable during childbirth and that applies to regular births with medical intervention and to those who have opted for natural birthing. We must keep in mind that tolerance for pain varies from one person to the next. It can be excruciating for some and yet more painful for others.

The pain of labor without medication and medical intervention will feel like extremely painful menstrual cramps. While the sensation is particularly uncomfortable, this pain should not be something to be afraid of. If breathing and relaxation techniques are applied during the birth, it will hurt less. One of the most beautiful things about this particular kind of pain is that it results in something positive – a beautiful bundle of joy.

If you are worried about labor pains, join us in our natural childbirth classes. We will teach you how to manage every stage of labor and the general pain that you will have to go through during the delivery.

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