Advanced Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy Surgical Services – The days of long hospital stays and missed work time are gone, unless of course you want the time off. In-office procedures eliminate hospital costs, risks of major surgery while providing results comparable to major surgery, such as a hysterectomy.

Whether your periods are so heavy you cannot go to work for fear of embarrassment from bleeding through tampons and pads, to debilitating menstrual cramps that prevent you from getting out of bed, our office can provide a solution that will let you take control of your life.

Finished having children? Gone are the days of invasive tubal ligation. Now, a two minute in-office procedure using Essure and an operative hysteroscope (camera that goes into the uterus, through the vagina) will permanently block your tubes, eliminate the concerns for that “oops baby” and allow you to keep that spontaneity in your sex life.

Do you have unexplained irregular bleeding, maybe it is a fibroid or polyp? We can perform a special in-office ultrasound, using sterile water to delineate the mass and then remove it with the hysteroscope using a device called the Versapoint.

Have you tried everything to stop your gynecologic problems yet realize surgery may be your last resort? The da Vinci robot system at Baylor Medical Center at Frisco allows me to use a high definition camera in a three dimensional view to perform precise delicate procedures with minimal blood loss and much shorter recovery period. The da Vinci requires special training that only a handful of physicians in Collin County are capable of.

Endometriosis and intra-abdominal adhesion removal can be performed resulting in the most successful relief of pain. Hysterectomies and removal of fibroids can be done all with only tiny half-inch incisions. Ovarian masses and cysts can be removed with much smaller incisions.

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