All Flu Vaccines Are Not The Same, Be A Savvy Consumer

So you decided to get the flu vaccine, now what?

Each flu vaccine has Type A and Type B Influenza inactive strains.  For years, the routine flu vaccine contained two versions of Type A and one of Type B, otherwise known as the trivalent vaccine or a three-strain vaccine.

Now certain vaccine companies have started adding an additional strain of Type B influenza, making it a quadrivalent or four-strain vaccine.  What does this mean?  According to the CDC, between 1999 and 2009 the addition of the extra strain of influenza protection could have prevented 2.7 million influenza cases, avoid 22,000 influenza-related hospitalizations and nearly 1,400 deaths.  The numbers are astounding but the real question is which vaccine are you getting at work, school, or in your physician’s office.

I can tell you this, ALL FLU VACCINES COST THE SAME AMOUNT (Zero, Zilch, Nothing) IF YOU HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE.  Can you beat FREE?  Did you know all preventive vaccine services are free with the Affordable Care Act?

So ALWAYS, ask for the quadrivalent vaccine and if you cannot find it, come by the office, show your insurance card and we will gladly take care of you.

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