Me and my family arrived in the USA about 11 months ago. I was 4 months pregnant with my second child, and had no clue on how to get started on looking for a doctor. My husband’s co-worker had just had a baby; she heard about my drama and told me to try her doctor – Dr. Weinstein. I felt somewhat safe, seeing a doctor that was referred by someone I knew, but I was still scared. Truth is, he was the best doctor I could have ever found!

From the very first second I stepped in his office I could see how they care about their patients. From the front desk to the exam room, to the consultation, everything was so nice! The staff is courteous, helpful (you gotta love Dottie and Nydia!), and they do everything in their hands to help. Always.

Dr. Weinstein made the transition from my country to the USA very easy and pleasant. It is not easy to move to a foreign country, where you don’t know anyone, and start your life from scratch – especially when you are pregnant, it can be very scary! But it all went smooth and easy. I knew I was in good hands. One great thing about him is, he encourages his patients to have natural birth over c-section – and he helped me try a VBAC this time around. It was an amazing experience, even though I ended up with a second c-section (baby was sunny side up, I wouldn’t dilate enough).

I could write a “whole book” on how much we love Dr. Weinstein, but I guess all you need to know is: if you are looking for not only a great doctor, but the best you can get, you are in the right place. I totally recommend it!

Thank you Dr. Weinstein!”
Bruna Cirelli Aanestad

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