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Making Heads or Tails of Genetic Screening (Part 1)

Choosing whether to perform chromosome abnormality screening during early pregnancy can be a challenging decision for some parents. The question of how the tests will be done is also another concern. There can also be anxiety associated with what to do if an abnormality is identified and also some uncertainty

Why You Should Attend Natural Childbirth Classes

Childbirth is a beautiful process and taking a class to prepare you for it is always a good decision. Childbirth education began over 40 years ago in an attempt to show mothers that they can be in total control during childbirth. Statistics show that enrollment in such classes dwindled over

How to Have a Natural Childbirth in a Hospital

Natural childbirth is a process where the mother gets preparatory education in order to give birth with minimal or no use of anesthetics. If you are thinking of giving birth the natural way, take a look at the tips below. Research about Natural Childbirth Doing your own research will help

How to Give Birth Naturally Without Pain

Opting for natural childbirth is a huge decision that requires a well thought out birth plan and a good support system. If you and your OB GYN have determined that you are a good candidate for natural childbirth, you may already have started learning about pain management techniques from your

10 Indicators You Might Be Going Through Menopause and What You Should Do About It

There are many women in their 40s and beyond who look forward to the end of their reproductive years with eager anticipation. For some, the transition into menopause is a welcomed relief from the pain and bleeding associated with their menstrual cycles.  For others, the changes of menopause can be

What Fish Can I Eat While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

  Pregnant women often ask about foods that should be avoided during pregnancy and the most common foods that are of concern are fish and shellfish. The FDA and EPA has just released new guidelines on the subject that help answer many of the questions and clarify what fish should

Vitamin D and Expectant Mothers

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD Do I Really Need This Much Vitamin D? If you are among the expectant mothers in our practice, you may have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after your initial routine obstetrical labs returned and may be receiving or have received what must seem like a whopping

Zika and Your Pregenancy

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD I killed three mosquitoes in my house this week.  Three!  Apparently, no one has informed the mosquito population of North Texas that Christmas is in a couple of weeks and they should be dead and gone by now.  With a warm fall and no hard freeze so

How Becoming a Patient Has Made Me a Better Provider

by: Hillary Jarnagin, MD I have been providing obstetrical care to patients for eight years but only recently became a parent myself.  My husband and I welcomed the birth of our son last month, and the journey of planning to conceive, our pregnancy, and the ultimate delivery of our baby was

Over The Counter (OTC) Supplements in Pregnancy

All too often pregnant women who believe in “All Natural” supplements are coming to the office taking a slew of OTC supplements along with their “Natural” prenatal vitamins.  Too name a few, excessive Vitamin C & E, Cranberry Extract, Lecithin, Red Raspberry Leaf, Evening Primrose Oil etc.  Do not be