Colposcopy Instruments

Written by: Tara Kraf, WHNP

Many women each year have an abnormal pap smear that requires follow up. In most cases, a colposcopy is recommended. This is a diagnostic procedure in which the provider gets an enhanced look at the cervix using illumination and magnification and takes a biopsy of any abnormal tissue. As we have mentioned previously regarding colposcopy and abnormal pap smears, we have some new tools at our disposal. The DTEX DNA testing has significantly reduced our need for doing a colposcopy, but when one is necessary we can make the procedure more tolerable. Instead of taking a bite out of the cervix, we have a brush that can gently obtain a sample from the suspicious site. Using the brush reduces both bleeding and discomfort for the patient while still providing us with an adequate sample. As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Which instrument would you like used on your cervix?

colposcopy instrument colposcopy instrument

If you have any questions regarding colposcopy or an abnormal pap that needs follow up we would love to hear from you.

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