It is bad enough that the pregnancy slows down your intestines, add prenatal vitamins that contain iron supplementation and it only gets worse. Your goal is to have a bowel movement daily. I know for many women this may not be a common occurrence but it will decrease your risk of colonic polyps, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures. Although many vitamins contain stool softeners they do not often correct the problem of slow intestinal transit.

Gentle Laxative

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. When the problem cannot be corrected by increased dietary fiber and fluids then a gentle laxative like Correctol or MIralax will help. Miralax is a tasteless odorless powder that can go in your drink or on your food, you start out with using it four times a day until you have a normal bowel movement then you can cut it back to once or twice a day.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are dilated rectal veins that occur because of decreased blood flow from the lower part of the body to the upper part. As your uterus enlarges it pushes on the large vein next to the Aorta slowing down the return of blood to your heart and dilating your rectal veins, leg veins (varicosities) and capillaries.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

The only treatment for the prevention of hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation. Once you have a symptomatic hemorrhoid, there are over the counter medications to help. Anusol to decrease swelling and Dibucaine cream to act as a local anesthetic. If these do not help some prescription medications may help.

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