Dr. Weinstein OBGYNA Patient Centered Approach to Your Health

While the number of women who deliver their baby by Cesarean section continues to rise nationally, Dr. Weinstein’s C-section rate remains significantly lower, less than 15 percent. “I take the approach, ‘Be patient and let nature take its course’,” said Dr. Weinstein. “I wouldn’t want my wife to have an operation she doesn’t really need, so I keep that in mind with my patients as well.”

“I am really about treating you like family, taking the time to listen, and then addressing your emotional and physical issues,” he said. Dr. Jonathan Weinstein received his medical degree from the University of Maryland. He received residency training in Internal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, before practicing OB-GYN for 11 years in Las Vegas, NV and Texarkana, TX.

To My Future Patients,

My schedule is set to see 15 patients per day, about half the number most obstetricians and other primary care doctors would see. I provide consultation with each new patient in my office, fully clothed, none of that ‘here is your gown take everything off, the doctor will be in momentarily’. You are given the opportunity to get know me, ask questions, allow me to explain what to expect during the pregnancy and let me address all your concerns while I learn about you and your family. Most patients and spouses find me easy to talk to, I like to share stories about my family whenever anyone is interested and I am always interested to hear how things are going for you at home and work. I am very detail oriented, a good listener, and often diagnose and treat medical problems other doctors have missed because they are rushing through your visit.

For cash pay patients we are able to offer a 50% or more discount off the cost of lab studies by having them billed to our office directly. We take lunch from 1-2 p.m. so that our patients have the opportunity to schedule during their lunchtime and not take time off from work. We try to minimize your wait but at times, I have patients come in who are extremely complicated, so we ask that you understand that I intend to pay just as much attention to your needs. Our office is child friendly, as we have a variety of children’s movies they may watch in the waiting room.

Dr. Weinstein met and married his wife, Judy, a labor and delivery nurse, while working together in Texarkana, TX. They have a daughter, Zoe, and a son, Ashton. The family lives in the Frisco area and enjoys involvement in the local community.Dr. Weinstein and Family