Frisco Womens Health StaffWELCOME!!! Frisco Women’s Health is the culmination of over 12 years’ experience in private group practice. Although I enjoyed group practice from a lifestyle perspective, I missed getting to know my patients and I do not like to miss deliveries.

By seeing fewer patients over a longer appointment time I have the opportunity to listen and address your concerns. This is not an office geared toward doing a PAP and pelvic exam with minimal physician-patient interaction. At the end of each visit I want you to know how much I enjoy my work and that I care about your health.

Our practice is focused around two concepts, education and providing options. When you have an appointment you are guaranteed two things. First, you will be educated about your problems and second, you will be given options. Each new patient has a one-on-one consultation in the privacy of my office. I like to discuss preventive health measures like vaccinations, bone density studies, routine mammograms and always order a general health laboratory screening panel to look for anemia, Vitamin D and other nutritional deficiencies, diabetes and a variety of common cancers.

My training at an academic Obstetrics and Gynecology residency program at the University of Texas, along with my Internal Medicine background allows me to provide complete women’s healthcare. For many of my patients I serve as their only physician. I treat colds, urinary tract infections, pregnancy, menstrual problems and everything in between. If your problem falls outside the range of my knowledge base I will refer you to only the best doctors in the area, the same physicians that I trust my family’s health to. You will find me to be patient, easy going and a good listener.

I have the latest gynecologic surgical training, from da Vinci Robot Assisted Hysterectomy and Myomectomy, to sling placement for urinary incontinence and all the most successful and safest in-office minimally invasive procedures for heavy periods (Novasure and Thermachoice) and permanent sterilization (Adiana and Essure). For those more interested in limited or no pain during labor, you will not suffer, as I personally do not like pain, ask my wife, so your needs will be taken care of. I too enjoy spending time with my family so limiting my Obstetrics patients makes me more available to you, and my family.

The office staff was chosen because of their friendliness, eagerness to help and with one important goal; provide great customer service! Recently we partnered with Athena Health, a full service electronic medical record and billing service, to empower our patients even more. Patients have complete access to all their lab results via our patient portal link, located in the top right hand corner. Patients will receive automated reminders for just about everything, upcoming appointments, when lab tests are ready to be reviewed and printed, when it is time for your yearly exam and when you need to call us to discuss any abnormal results. Prescriptions are sent via internet before you even leave the office. You can view and pay your bill online, access our extensive Health Library on almost every medical condition you can think of and change the way you wish to be contacted, text, email or phone call.

You will never receive an automated message during regular office hours, a live person will answer your call as opposed to immediately putting you on hold before you can speak. On weekends, at lunch and even after hours you will speak to a person who often can reschedule your appointment or help you if you are having trouble with portal access.

If our practice sounds like a place you would like to become a part of, then feel free to give us a call. I would be privileged to participate in your healthcare.

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