Water Breaking

If your water breaks, regardless of whether you are having contractions you need to come to the hospital. If the baby is less than 37 weeks you need to come in right away. If you are over 37 weeks you can take a shower and stay at home for the beginning of labor. If your water breaks and it has green particles in it, that tells you the baby has had a poop in the amniotic sac, which can be a sign of fetal distress. You should come right to hospital.


You will know you are in labor when your contractions are 5 minutes apart for at least 1 hour and are so strong you cannot take a breath when they occur. If you can carry on a normal conversation or are laughing you are probably not in labor. Each additional baby you have usually shortens labor so if you are having contractions a little less frequently you probably need to come in sooner.

It is unnecessary to call me when you go into labor, just head up to Labor and Delivery, the nurses will check to see if you are dilating or verify if your water broke.

What Should I Do if My Mucous Plug Comes Out?

Absolutely nothing. Your cervix will release a tremendous amount of white, thick mucus as the pregnancy progresses. It does not mean you are going into labor anytime soon. An unscented panty liner will help keep your underwear dry.

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