Leg cramps can wake you in the middle of the night and can be quite painful; get your significant other to massage it out for you.  There are a few potential causes for recurrent leg cramps, low levels of potassium or calcium.  You can try eating foods with higher potassium content (many fruits and vegetables check the internet for a list) and you should already be taking in at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day.  Each serving of milk, cheese, or yogurt has 300 milligrams of calcium.  If you are not a fan of dairy products than either Tums or any calcium supplement will do; in addition, Tums can help with pregnancy heartburn.

Another common cause of leg cramps is poor circulation.  Treatments include increasing calf and general leg muscle tone to prevent lactic acid build up, stretching the muscles that give you trouble and medical grade support hose.

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