How to Have a Natural Childbirth in a Hospital

Research about Natural Childbirth

Doing your own research will help give you an insight as to what the process is all about. Read as much as you can about it so that you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy and the delivery itself.

It is also ideal to talk to other mothers who have gone through natural childbirth. This will help you learn from their experience and get an idea of how they handled labor pains. It is also recommended that you talk to those who gave birth naturally in a hospital setting.

Talk to your OB GYN

Consulting with an OB GYN is imperative for pregnant women. If you have already gone to the clinic for your pregnancy consultation, chances are, you already have scheduled your next checkup dates. On your next checkup, you can ask your OB-GYN about natural childbirth and its risks and benefits. Your doctor will be able to answer your questions about the procedure and whether you’re a good candidate for it.

Get your Partner on Board

It is important that your partner and the people close to you are on board with your plan. Natural childbirth requires a strong support system because you would need them to cheer you on during labor.

Take a Good Birthing Class

Attending a natural childbirth class will help you prepare for the stages of labor, teach you about breathing and relaxation techniques, and train your mind and body for the big day.

Frisco Womens Health hosts natural childbirth classes monthly.  Our classes are recommended for women between the 30th to 37th weeks of pregnancy.  Our schedule is available HERE.

Write your Birth Plan

You can write your birth plan and go over it with your OB GYN. This will come in handy during the big day because it will give the nurses an idea about the type of birth you want. Your birth plan will also contain the choices you will opt for if circumstances change.

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