In Frisco, women have an abundance of choices for whom to select as their OB/GYN and at which hospital they wish to deliver. The right combination will help make sure your birth experience is the most memorable it can be. Please feel free to check out Frisco Women’s Health newly released
Pregnancy and Delivery FAQs and our Childbirth Classes.

Why Baylor Medical Center at Frisco?

Baylor Medical Center at Frisco,  is a private specialty hospital that caters to women and elective surgery patients. I have worked at fourteen hospitals all over the country, since attending medical school in 1989. Some were so big that the Labor & Delivery was on one floor, the postpartum wing seven floors up and three buildings over, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was in yet another location. Here the entire Women’s services department is on the second floor, interconnected and baby safe, in a locked area with cameras and alarms.

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Experienced Doctors and Nurses

Of course, there are other hospitals in the area to choose from and I visited them all before we decided to move to Frisco, and even looked at opportunities to practice at them. What I love about Baylor Medical Center at Frisco is the size of the hospital; large enough to provide the same women’s health services as the surrounding facilities, but without the exposure to sick patients. It has the most advanced equipment an OB/GYN could ask for without all the departments and floors we would never use. There is no Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit, psychiatric unit or chronically ill patients, who could potentially infect you or your child. Baylor Medical Center at Frisco does not look or do I dare say smell like a hospital, it is a little baby factory and hotel, delivering more than 200 babies a month. The hospital has a superb in-house Internal Medicine hospitalist, the same 24-hour Neonatology (pediatricians that care for premature babies or sick newborns) staff that work at Presbyterian Plano plus an Urgent Care/Emergency Room run by Emergency Medicine physicians, not general or family practitioners.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Baylor Medical Center at Frisco has a Level III (highest level) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the most acutely ill newborns. Babies born between 24 and 28 weeks gestation will transfer to a facility that has more experience with this age group. This is an uncommon occurrence and requires the most experienced pediatric specialists in the North Dallas Area. For those unfamiliar with the area, Children’s Hospital is the place to be if you have a sick child. They have a hospital on Preston Road in Plano so as a parent I would always demand my child transfer to that facility. I have had personal experience with a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of another large local general hospital and when he transferred to Children’s Hospital, it was obvious you were at a pediatric hospital that provided a superior level of care.

Baylor Medical Center at Frisco – Amenities

  • Oversized Labor & Delivery/Postpartum Rooms with Plasma Screen Televisions
  • Wireless Internet Access throughout hospital
  • Web Camera in your postpartum room, allows far away family members to see the newest family member
  • Free Birth, CPR, Breastfeeding, Big Brother & Sister and New Daddy Classes
  • Dad gets free meals throughout the hospital stay
  • Nursery Staff will watch your baby if you need to get some sleep or you can keep the baby with you throughout your stay
  • Your Pediatrician will examine your baby in your room; I can help you select one if you wish
  • Celebration dinner for the proud parents – Steak & Lobster or other yummy alternatives
  • Scrub Shirt with thebaby’s footprints for the new Dad
  • Embroidered Blanket with baby’s name and birth date
  • Professional photographers come to your room and offer to take photos of your newborn
  • Car Seat fitting is performed by hospital staff
  • Full-time Lactation Consultants
  • No Set Visitation Hours
  • Free Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Pastries throughout the hospital
  • Executive Chef Carl provides Gourmet Cuisine
  • Find out more about the Frisco Women’s Health philosophy here.

This Baylor hospital is a little different from others from a financial standpoint, it is 51% physician owned. This should not alarm you as I have no financial interest in the hospital and receive no money for choosing to deliver my patients here. My decision to practice here was based on the excellent facilities, the close proximity of the hospital to my home and my office. As a non-shareholder of the hospital, I do not benefit from any additional revenue generated to the hospital by performing a Cesarean Section. The hospital also offers a number of extra amenities not seen at most other facilities and at no additional cost to you.