Frisco Women’s Health and Team Philosophy

So why would you want to select Jonathan Weinstein, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. and more importantly the Frisco Womens Health family to take care of you for nine months and hopefully for years to come?

Frisco Womens Health is a unique practice, drawing upon all the things I love about being an Ob-Gyn doctor. It starts with building a strong physician-patient relationship by providing continuity of care, from your first visit through your baby’s delivery. The entire office works to insure your satisfaction with the services provided and my Internal Medicine experience allows me to treat just about any problem a woman may otherwise go to an Urgent Care Center for. After years of doing 20-30 deliveries a month, not being able to remember every OB patient’s name and their family, I decided a change was in order. I just did not feel like I was treating the whole patient in a 15 minute visit.

Proven Low Cesarean Rate

As your physician I am here to educate you about your choices so you can make informed decisions. I am a strong proponent of vaginal deliveries, and am very patient during labor, giving you the maximum opportunity to reach that goal. I respect a women’s right to choose to have an elective Cesarean Section and like any procedure, I explain all the risks and benefits. My Cesarean Section rate is well below the national average, making me a minority in a community where many physicians having a greater than 50% Cesarean Section rate and near 100% induction of labor rate. I do not induce my patients for my convenience, as induction significantly increases your risk of Cesarean, but if you desire to be induced I will explain the risks and benefits, so I know you have made an informed decision.

Patient Transfer Information

We accept OB patients at any time during the pregnancy; we have had patients transfer care to our office as late as one week before they are due. These patients are generally unhappy with their current doctor’s sudden desire to induce them, their inability to perform an External Cephalic Version at 36 weeks or their sudden change in your delivery plan; for example, they no longer feel you are a good candidate for a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section or they suddenly think you should be induced despite the fact they can provide no medical reason. We have had patients who were scheduled for a Cesarean Section on Tuesday by another doctor, then deliver vaginally with me on the following Friday. If you are over 20 weeks pregnant with no prenatal care we will gladly see you if you have had an ultrasound, otherwise I will review your situation on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Frisco Women’s Health family, just give us a call we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have and schedule an appointment. Congratulations on your pregnancy, we look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Team!

“My office staff is amazing; they are kind, compassionate, are all mothers themselves and are very diligent people. You will never get voicemail when calling the office during office hours, always a warm friendly person. We have an incredible medical record system that will notify you by phone, text, or email of all the tests done through our office. You may view and print your results through our online patient portal. There will never be a situation where we would tell you “all your labs are normal” without you having access to the results yourself. This ensures no test results are ever missed. Messages are attached to each individual result so you will know if you are required to get extra testing done or if medication is waiting at the pharmacy for pick up. We prefer to be contacted through the patient portal as it avoids phone tag. You will receive an automated reminder of all your visits and have the opportunity to reschedule via live operator at the time of your reminder call.”

-Dr. Jonathan Weinstein