Cramping as the baby settles into the uterus. Your uterus (womb) is a large muscle that stretches and contracts.

Round ligament pain is intermittent stretching, and pain, on either side of the lower front pelvis. This is a direct result of stretching of the supporting structures of the uterus.

Second and Third trimester

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps and your uterus tightens, sometimes they occur in the back and they always come and go. Four or less in an hour is normal. Often called Braxton-Hicks contractions they can help your cervix ripen to make labor shorter.

Sharp shooting pains down the front or back of legs, toward the vagina and buttocks. In addition, numbness in the front and back of your legs can occur. This is all related to nerves coming out of your back and pushed on by the uterus. Try the knee chest position or bathe it may relieve the pain. Often they just resolve in a few seconds. It is not a problem with the baby just annoyance for you.

Your Back Hurts Constantly

I know some great female physical therapists that specialize in women’s health issues. In addition, I always recommend a good massage.Swelling of hands and feet may lead to numbness and a tendency of your hands or feet to fall asleep, if left in a certain position for an extended period.

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