For those unaware, I have a 19 year old step daughter, Blair, a 10 year old daughter, Zoe and my youngest is a son, Ashton age 3.

There comes a point in every parent’s life they will have to give their child a talk about safe sex, when to start having sex and how to avoid the unintended pregnancy. On numerous occasions I have provided my services in assisting in this conversation.

First off I always tell your child what they say in my office is between them and me, so do not expect me to go back and give a synopsis to the parents. This is physician-patient confidential info.

Of course, in an ideal world we would love to tell our little not so innocent daughters, ‘don’t have sex until you get married or I will kill you.’ That approach is only going to lead them in the opposite direction. As my wife and friends have pointed out although I take my job very serious I seem to have a knack for talking to the teenagers. My wife thinks it’s because my childhood was lame, as I was a nerd, who finished high school at 16 and graduated from college before I was old enough to legally drink. She does admit it does give me a special bond with my youngest children because I will play the silliest of games with them for hours. Heck last week Zoe had me playing two characters on the board game Clue just so we could meet the minimum three player requirement.

Anyway, if any of you fellow parents would like me to provide an educated discussion (I can provide pictures if needed for full effect) on safe sex, including the numerous sexually transmitted diseases that boys carry without any symptoms, just give me a call. I have even had medical training on bi and homosexual relationships, as yes staying with the same sex does not mean you cannot get diseases.

I will make your child feel comfortable and answer any questions they may have, nothing can embarrass me after 13 years in private practice. I also will give them options if they need them.

Unfortunately for us parents it does not cost any money for them to have sex, but, who’s going to get stuck helping to raise those grandchildren?

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