Tara Kraf NurseTara spent the last few months of her Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner training following Dr. Weinstein, so her recent transition to our practice was an easy one.  Tara comes to us with extensive experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse dealing with both low and high risk pregnancies.  Along the way she has worked in both a Reproductive Endocrinology and Urogynecology office.

Tara shares the Frisco Women’s philosophy of honest patient education.  She believes that “The best patient is one that is well informed. My goal is to provide exceptional care to women at all stages: adolescent health, preventative wellness, pregnancy, fertility concerns and menopausal support.  Each and every patient is an individual with individual concerns and needs, I believe in tailoring care to meet these unique requirements.  By giving unsurpassed compassionate and high quality care I hope to build long, lasting and trusting relationships with our patients.”

Along with Tara, we are pleased to have her wonderful family as part of the Frisco Womens Health family.  Teagan, her youngest currently attends Elementary School in NW Frisco, Drake, her oldest is a freshman at Wakeland High School and Fred, her husband is an American Airlines pilot.

Why see a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner?

What kind of experience and training does a nurse practitioner have? Why see a nurse practitioner for healthcare? What can a nurse practitioner do for me?

These are just a few of the questions often asked regarding the care provided by nurse practitioners.

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who works in a specialized field, in my case: Women’s Health.  I have completed advanced graduate clinical training and excelled in my national board certification testing.   Nurse practitioners are trained using both the nursing and physician models.  We incorporate the diagnosis and treatment of the medical approach with the multidimensional preventative health focus of the nursing model.

Nurse practitioners work in collaboration with physicians creating a partnership whose goal is to provide comprehensive care to the patient.  Nurse practitioners are typically available for well visits, routine problems, continuation and follow up of established treatments, freeing up the physician for complicated or surgical cases.  Frequent communication between the physician and nurse practitioner assures that the patients’ needs are met in a thorough and expeditious fashion, leading to improved patient satisfaction and prompt resolution of the medical problem.

A nurse practitioner is able to diagnose, and treat both acute and chronic illnesses, order and evaluate diagnostic tests, prescribe medications the same as a physician, but tend to have more time available for the management of preventative care, education, and counseling.

I have almost 30 years of experience in all aspects of obstetrics: preconception counseling, pregnancy, labor and delivery, post partum and newborn care.  With respect to gynecology, my experience includes not only routine gynecological care, but also menopause, infertility and female urinary difficulties.  I know what it is like to be a patient and what I expect from a medical provider.  Just like you, I want someone who takes the time to listen, responds to questions and concerns in a thorough, knowledgeable, and empathic manner.  My goal is to provide you with an unparalleled level of attention, understanding, along with the quality care you deserve. Assisting you in attaining overall wellness is important to me.  The path to wellness is unique for each individual.  I look forward to helping you achieve the best health possible by providing current evidenced-based education, and treatment options, so you can make the best choices.

Tara, Your Partner In Health

Tara and Family


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