Incredibly Knowledgeable and Clear

I’m not sure where to begin singing the praises of the amazing Dr. Weinstein! From the first visit he was incredibly knowledgeable and clear. When I told him I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) not only did he not tell me no, like 2 other docs had…he began explaining a plan, risks and benefits, statistics and more. He couldn’t promise anything, but we would try. As the pregnancy progressed, he managed my chronic high blood pressure, polyhydramnios (extra amniotic fluid), turned the baby from breech to head down with an external cephalic version, all the while keeping a close eye on baby and I since I had had 2 previous C-sections. I was not exactly a model patient with all these issues. At so many points he could have told me to just have a c section, but he knew how important VBAC was to me, he never gave up on my crazy dream of wanting to deliver my baby vaginally.

On Saturday I delivered with Dr. Weinstein during the most amazing, wonderful, perfect vaginal birth ever!!! And my baby was a whopping 11lbs 2 oz. Yes, eleven!

Dr. Weinstein has a great sense of humor and sarcasm that I appreciated so much. He always listened and heard what I had to say, and responded with real answers, not always what I wanted to hear, but realistic. We developed a great rapport during the last 10 months and I’m kind of sad I won’t get to chat with him every week anymore!

I also have to mention, I am a former OB nurse. I’ve met a ton of OB docs in my career and Dr. Weinstein is special in so many ways. He still believes in letting your body do its thing. He is willing to go the extra mile–like turning a breech baby, allowing VBACs even after more than 1 c section, and even vaginally birthing twins. Because he knew I was a nurse, he sometimes told me about interesting cases he’d worked on over the years, and his experiences were amazing and inspiring! He’s done it all, but he always puts mom and baby’s safety first, of course!

The staff in the office was always cheerful and helpful and I LOVED that I almost never had to wait! It was rare to not go right back.

Even if I hadn’t gotten the VBAC, I would still be talking about how wonderful Dr. Weinstein is! The VBAC was a bonus! Maybe I should have another baby just so we can do something amazing together again?!?!

– Jill C. Irving, TX

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