A Well Woman Exam is a proactive way for women of all ages to enjoy good health! Partnering with your Gynecologist for your yearly exam is designed to not only encompass the routine pap smear and breast exam, but provide a complete health update.

Dr. Jonathan Weinstein is dedicated to taking care of all of the obstetric and gynecologic needs to insure that his patients experience great health for years to come!  His friendly staff is instructed to reserve ample time needed for your Well Woman Exam to cover the following:

  • Thorough physical exam to include a pap smear and breast examination
  • Discussion about your physical and mental health, along with a review of your records and updates of any changes that have occurred in your family’s health history
  • Analysis of medications, vitamin supplements or herbs that are currently being taken and whether refills are necessary
  • Review records and administer necessary immunizations
  • Evaluate age- or circumstance-appropriate tests that are required, discussing overall sexual health and contraception, if applicable
  • Talk about your work and home lifestyle and its impact on your health; identifying risk factors before they become potential issues

Frisco Womens Health uses the most advanced assessment techniques to optimize the accuracy of all appropiate tests. Cutting-edge procedures are performed right in the office, offering convenience to their patients while purposefully reducing the out of pocket expenses.  The timely ability to evaluate and treat many conditions with the state-of-the-art technology is paramount in maintaining a woman’s good health, Dr. Weinstein is truly the best women’s healthcare advocate advising his patients not to wait or ‘suffer through’ till an issue becomes a serious problem.

Dr. Jonathan Weinstein is focused on giving each of his patients a thorough review of their medical assessment, appropriate solutions/treatments, risks and benefits to support them in making clear, concise decisions regarding their complete healthcare.  This life-long commitment to his patients is evident in the fact that distance does not deter them from traveling, many come from out of state, to continue under his watchful care.

Dr. Weinstein and his staff look forward to meeting you soon to insure your great health!